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Join Us As We Celebrate Healthy Eating and Wellness on 5th Sundays

The Purpose Center commits to help the community get healthy

Perris, CA – Purpose Center Wellness Movement, the newly formed health ministry for Purpose Center International Ministries,  will strive to educate and empower the faith base community to make healthy lifestyle changes. The community is invited to FIT SUNDAYS, on January 30, at 5:00 pm at The Purpose Center 23115 Rider St Perris, CA. The event is FREE and will feature healthy lifestyle speakers and community resources to provide health education. The public is invited to attend, for additional informational contact 951.347.8523.

“FIT SUNDAYS will be held every 5th Sunday of the month, it is a Sunday dedicated to provide education and training  to our members and the community about how to make healthier choice for their family,” states Phyllis Clark, director of Purpose Center Wellness Movement, health ministry and CEO of Healthy Heritage. “We will launch our FIT SUNDAYS program with guest speakers  Teslyn Henry-King, MPH, RD, Public Health Nutritionist, County of San Bernardino, Campaign Coordinator Network for a Healthy California—African American Campaign and Rev. Bronica Martindale, BA,Community Health Leader, Network for a Healthy California –Children’s Power Play. The program will also include community resources, a goody bag, and a healthy food demonstration. Rev. Bronica Martindale, B.A. | Network for a Healthy California–Desert Sierra Region | Children’s Power Play! Campaign|Body and Soul Campaign

Dr. Gerald T. Hightower, Senior Pastor of Purpose Center International Ministries has established the ministry to equip people to fulfill their purpose in life by empowering them spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, economically and socially. Dr. Hightower emphasizes the importance of good health and wellness as a critical factor in fulfilling your purpose. He explains healthy living begins with education. “The Purpose Center is the place where people can come to get tools, trainings and resources in order to lead a successful life. As Pastors, we are Sheppard’s  over God’s people. Therefore, we must be equally concerned with their physical well-being just as we are about their spiritually well-being”.

This event is the first of four 5th SUNDAY program scheduled this year. Each program is centered on a specific healthy lifestyle theme and will feature speakers, hands on demonstration, free resources, activities and healthy recipes. “I am very excited that our Pastor has given us his support to start a health ministry, the WORD says “Your body is the Lords Temple” as believers, being healthy honors the Lord because it allows us to be more effective in doing his work said Phyllis Clark, health ministry director.

WHERE:        The Purpose Center 23115 Rider St.,  (Oak Grove Campus) Perris, CA
WHEN:         Sunday, January 30, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
VISUALS:       food demonstration, fitness dance, healthy lifestyle experts, table top exhibits, church congregation.
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