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Jump in Sales Triggers Corona Manufacturer to Expand Facility and Add Jobs

Anatomic Global in Corona, Ca.

CORONA, CA – As its consumer products have been increasingly making its way onto leading retail floors throughout the United States, mattress manufacturer Anatomic Global said it was more than doubling its production facility and adding 30-percent to its workforce to keep up with demand.

The company said it was adding 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its 1241 Old Temescal Road facility, for a total of 240,000 square feet. The expansion will occur in phases and is expect to be completed by the end of the year. At that time, Anatomic will operate one of the largest mattress manufacturing and distribution centers in California. The company will also add 30 new production jobs, bringing its total workforce to nearly 130.

The driver of the expansion is a dramatic, 86-percent increase in sales over the past seven months from Anatomic Global’s proprietary plant-based EcoMemoryFoam Pure7 Series™ line. The mattress line is quickly becoming the choice of consumers in the memory foam segment of the industry as a result of its comfort and environmentally-friendly properties.

During this time, Anatomic Global opened several major retail chains including: Linder’s Furniture, the leading case goods retailer in Southern California; Beck’s Furniture; and Mattress King. The company has continued to expand its presence with national retailer Relax The Back, Back to Bed, the leading sleep shop retailer in Chicago, and The Bed Store, serving the St. Louis market.

“This has been a very exciting time of growth for our company. Consumer demand for our products are at an all time high and we are seeing new retail relationships blossom on a regular basis,” said Anatomic Global President Jeff Scorziell. “We believe that the additional manufacturing space and staff will enable us to continue our growth trajectory for many years to come.”

Anatomic Global is a sustainable movement corporation and its Ecomfort Mattresses are earth-friendly to the core. A significant portion of the EcoMemoryFoam™ formulation is comprised of a plant-based product. The product uses less energy to process, conserving energy, and the process is fully contained in a patented zero emissions chamber, dramatically reducing the product’s impact on the environment from its inception.

Founded in 1989, Anatomic Global is a fully integrated, EDI capable globally positioned distribution, logistics and fulfillment-company that today incorporates the brand development and marketing insight of bedding industry leaders to meet the needs of its customers.  Deeply rooted in the medical mattress industry, in 2008 the company applied its medical manufacturing expertise and launched the Ecomfort Mattress brand featuring its signature, exclusive EcoMemoryFoam™ extreme open-cell plant-based memory foam.  For more information, visit

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