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Korean War Veterans Ceremony at March Field Air Museum

Riverside, California  – March Field Air Museum will be honoring the Heroes of the “Forgotten War” on Saturday, July 27th in the museums Education Hangar. Admission to the museum for Korean War Veterans and their immediate family members will be FREE. The program will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a brief reading of the history of the Korean War, a special “Thank You” from Consul Jeon, Korean Consulate Generals office Los Angeles and a Veterans reflection by Lt. Col. Richard O. Miller, USAF (Ret).

Sixty years ago on July 27, 1953 the armistice to end hostilities between NATO forces and North Korea was signed. The Korean War has been called “The Forgotten War,” because it has been overshadowed by the more immediate memories of Vietnam, Desert Storm and the war on Terror.

On the 50th anniversary, in June 2000, the President of the Republic of Korea, Kim Dae-jung sent a letter to US Korean War Veterans thanking them for their noble sacrifice. President Kim wrote, “I would like to offer you my deepest gratitude for your noble contribution to the efforts to safeguard the Republic of Korea and uphold liberal democracy around the world. We Koreans hold dear in our hearts the conviction, courage and spirit of sacrifice shown to us by such selfless friends as you, who enabled us to remain a free democratic nation”.

Museum Board President, Jamil Dada notes “the museum is privileged to mark this important date in our history with this event”

Museum admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 5 to 11 years. The museum is located at 22550 Van Buren Blvd in Riverside and is open Tuesday-Sunday from 9-4PM.

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