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Leadership Summit to Focus on Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

ONTARIO, Calif. – Speaker and author Lisa Marie Platske of Upside Thinking, Inc., will present her fourth annual Leadership Success Summit at the Ontario Convention Center Jan. 27-28, 2012.The summit will offer business- and career-building advice, motivation and networking, with a focus on helping entrepreneurs succeed in spite of challenging economic conditions.

“I wanted to bring world-class speakers and ideas to the Inland Empire for a two-day, life-changing event,” Platske said. “We’ve been starting to get people from other states and even overseas traveling here for the conferences.”

The summit’s theme is “Gateway to Greatness,” and it will feature national and regional speakers. Topics covered will include:

  •  A strategic framework and system for growing revenue.
  • A customized blueprint for total attitude, lifestyle and strategy, and a chance to uncover the pieces that are missing and obstacles that are getting in the way of prosperity.
  • Ready-to-use ideas for simple, smart ways to jumpstart marketing, client attraction, strategic partnerships, business systems and a prosperity mindset.
  • The latest systems, processes and turnkey strategies to make processes easier and more effective.
  • Advice on how to be more visible, enhance credibility, get access to the right people and more effectively use personal strengths.
“My goal was to have an event that does a great job of combining business know-how, motivation and networking,” Platske said.More information is available at

About Upside Thinking
Upside Thinking, Inc. is an international leadership development company committed to transforming the personal and professional lives of leaders. Founder and CEO Lisa Marie Platske’s latest book is “Connection: The New Currency.” For more information, visit

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