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LifeSteps Financial Expands Family Office Services For Unconventional Investments

Henry Ford, Life Steps

Henry Ford, Senior Advisor and LifeSteps Financial Principal, Expands Family Office Services to Provide Insight into Unconventional Investments

Claremont, CA – Henry Ford, Senior Advisor and Principal of LifeSteps Financial,  a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm located in Claremont, California announces the expansion of Family Office Bill Pay services to clients. LifeSteps Financial supports multi-generational families, individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses with a professional staff that takes a high-touch approach to family office services.

“Managing wealth requires considerable time and attention. While this may seem easy, family business, philanthropy, personal and other obligations can make demands that leave little time to concentrate on oversight, investments, addressing individual needs and distribution” commented Henry Ford.

Outsourcing the everyday bookkeeping details can remove a big burden.  “As family wealth grows in the United States and other countries, you will see high net worth families adding family office services to assist in managing day-to-day finances, but also partnering with investment advisers to oversee family investments. By having a family office, it keeps emotions out of financial decisions and provides an unbiased resource that can provide advice” Mr. Ford added.

As unconventional investment opportunity such as cryptocurrencies and mortgage note funds are evaluated as possible investments by family offices, investment advisers can provide expertise in weighing the pros and cons of such investments. “Our clients rely on us as objective advisers to help them protect their assets while investing for growth, so that they can enjoy a preferred lifestyle while creating their legacy” Mr. Ford concluded.

Information about family offices and alternative investments can be found on the LifeSteps Financial blog.  The firm also provides a monthly Briefing and Market Update, subscribe at

About LifeSteps Financial

LifeSteps Financial is an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) located in Claremont, California. The firm provides integrated financial planning, financial asset and investment management and family office services to individuals & multi-generational families, business owners & entrepreneurs and professionals & executives throughout Southern California and the United States. In addition, the firm provides innovative solutions for employee retirement plans to privately-held businesses. Known for their proprietary processes that ensure attention to detail, client communication and professional coordination, LifeSteps Financial works with clients interested in preserving wealth, planning for and living a desired lifestyle and establishing a legacy for future generations.  For more information, contact LifeSteps Financial at (909) 267-3770 or visit

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