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Local Historian Teaches History of San Bernardino Valley

Local Historian Teaches History of San Bernardino Valley The College of Extended Learning at California State University, San Bernardino will offer “A Sojourn Through the San Bernardino Valley: 1776 to the Present” on Saturday, May 5 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The class will initially meet at the Denny’s Restaurant at 5475 Palm Avenue in San Bernardino.


The one-day course, led by San Bernardino historian Nicholas Cataldo, will explore the rich heritage of the San Bernardino Valley by visiting several historic sites associated with the development of the region from 1776 to the present day. Highlights include visits to Sycamore Grove, site of Michael White’s home (owner of Rancho Muscupiabe); Agua Mansa memorial cemetery, San Bernardino Asistencia Museum, Mormon Flume (an irrigation ditch diverted from Waterman Canyon), Swarthout Logging Road, site of the Indian settlement of Guachama (1819), settlement Politana (1840’s) and Zanja (the first irrigation ditch in San Bernardino County, 1819).


If taken for credit, the cost of the class is $140 and for non-credit, $83. To register for the class, please contact Judy Torres at (909) 537-5976, or for more information, E-mail her at To be placed on our mailing list to receive a free Course Catalog, go to or call (909) 537-5981.

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