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Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) Celebrates 21st Anniversary


Christian telecaster Loma Linda Broadcasting Network ends 2018 with noteworthy speakers; special programs; new streaming technology

Loma Linda, Ca 2018 was a milestone year for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) demonstrated by widely respected speakers appearing on week-long TV specials, interviews with prominent Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) leaders and major new social media and app streaming technologies to grow its global 50 million households reached.

Three special, five-night live broadcasts included guest speakers John Bradshaw, Director of ‘It Is Written’ ministries, astronomer Jim Burr, host of ‘The Hubble, The Bible and The Big Bang’ TV series seen on LLBN and elsewhere, and Dr. David Taylor, Professor Emeritus, Loma Linda University School of Religion. Bradshaw focused on “Christ’s Righteousness”, Burr on “God’s Universe”, and Dr. Taylor on “Jesus The King” during each presenter’s nightly one-hour broadcast.

Additionally, other SDA speakers recently appearing in separate LLBN interviews included Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts; Sr. Pastor Randy Roberts, Loma Linda University Church; Shawn Boonstra, Voice of Prophecy ministries, and; Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Education Director of the SDA General Conference. These complement recurring appearances by regularly-seen, locally-based SDA pastors and speakers throughout the year.

The three, special week-long programs and individual interviews appeared between September and December, making the network’s final two quarters of 2018 especially strong as it ended its 21st year of broadcasting, according to Ganim Hanna, LLBN Director and CEO.

Also noteworthy is the introduction of new live video streaming technologies during the Fall, making LLBN accessible nearly everywhere in the world. The biggest advance was the release of apps for both Android and Apple mobile phones. Streaming via app brings LLBN’s multi-lingual programming to a wider geographical audience than currently covered by legacy television, cable and broadcast satellite providers.

Says Hanna, “Until now, people wanting to view LLBN where local TV providers didn’t offer it had to use desktop computers, laptops or phones to watch via a web browser. Depending on the internet service provider’s (ISP) bandwidth capacity, streaming programs sometimes froze, dropped-out or experienced other technical disruptions that negatively impacted the overall user experience.”

He adds the LLBN app makes it easier to access LLBN’s eight channels with fewer technical issues due to its running on the latest 4G LTE cellular platform.  “Nearly everybody has a mobile device. As long as there’s 4G LTE service, there is now literally no place on Earth where you can’t receive LLBN.”

The app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store, the official app source for all Android operating systems. Apple device users can obtain it free from the App Store.

Also launched in 2018 were live video streaming sites on social media giants YouTube, Facebook and Apple TV allowing LLBN’s networks to be viewed in real-time using desktop computers, laptops or any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

LLBN is a non-profit, viewer-funded ministry with all donations tax deductible under 501(c)3 regulations. Many LLBN studio operations and daily working support are handled by volunteers of all ages and walks of life who provide their time and services for free.

About LLBN TV – From studios in Loma Linda, Calif., USA, LLBN reaches every inhabited continent via satellite, Internet, IPTV, cable, mobile devices and traditional terrestrial TV. Programs range from inspirational church services and musical concerts to thought-provoking Bible studies and documentaries. These are aired 24-hours daily in multiple languages on seven LLBN channels: His Word; His Light (English); Arabic; Korean; Chinese; Latino and South Asia. An eighth channel, Smart LifeStyle Television (SLS) broadcasts health and wellness programming daily around the clock. LLBN is a non-profit, 501(c)3 viewer supported TV ministry. Visit or download the LLBN app from the Google Play Store (Android devices) or iStore (Apple devices.)

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