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Manufacturing Day Celebrated With Virtual Tours

Careers Explored in Advanced Manufacturing Throughout the Region

Inland Empire, CA – Celebrated annually, national MFG-Day has, in past years, opened factories to students and the public, to expose them to the advantages and activities advanced manufacturing careers. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, manufacturers are instead going to the students with videos.

The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire, a 501 c3 non-profit, has produced a series of that showcase factories and their employees, and illustrate the variety of careers that are available. “For past MFG-Days, we’ve always had a great turn-out of high school students who want to learn about what manufacturing is, and the careers that are available,” said Molly Burgess, Executive Director of the Manufacturers’ Council of the I.E. (MCIE). “We are hoping these videos will be used by school counselors and teachers to let students and their parents know there are good paying careers, and training pathways that don’t require a college degree.”

The videos also feature employee testimonial interviews allowing viewers to have an up-close look at a career in manufacturing. “The MCIE videos give the current IE students and future employees a view of some of the most innovative and cutting-edge companies in our region that are looking for talented individuals,” said Kusum Kavia, President of Combustion Associates, Inc., Corona, California. “These jobs are clean, dynamic, and future-proofing, Made in USA branding for quality products delivered based on customer specifications.”

MFG Day is an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding partner. It empowers manufacturers to come together nationwide to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.

According to Sandra Sisco, Director of Economic Development & INTECH Center in Fontana, California, “The MCIE videos illuminate the in-demand, good-paying manufacturing jobs within the Inland Empire. We must educate students and their families about the many pathways to great careers. Chaffey College InTech Center provides short-term, intensive training, paid internships, and registered apprenticeships that lead directly to employment with no college debt.”

The videos are available to the public at

The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) supports education and career training on behalf of manufacturers throughout the region, offering programming and expertise in a variety of topics including innovative workforce solutions. Visit for more information on careers, events, and membership

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