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McKeon Votes to Repeal ObamaCare

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Santa Clarita) today issued the following statement after House Republicans voted 245-189 to repeal ObamaCare:

“I joined House Republicans to fulfill the promise we made to our constituents last year through the Pledge to America to vote on a repeal of ObamaCare,  the new health care law that if implemented would cost taxpayers and employers $2.6 trillion and add $701 billion to the deficit.

“Americans have made it clear through hundreds of townhall meetings nationwide and the Republican’s America Speaking Out initiative that they are fearful of the rate and degree to which the federal government is spending taxpayer dollars.  ObamaCare would ultimately raise health care costs for individuals, families, and even employers, which would hamper small businesses from hiring additional employees or even keeping the ones they already have.

In fact, yesterday, 200 economists and experts jointly warned that the current health care law creates costly new mandates, penalties, and taxes that are ‘major barriers to stronger job growth.’  In an already weakened economy where job-creation is and needs to be the priority, I cannot fathom allowing ObamaCare to reach implementation.

What’s clear is that Americans don’t want it.  A recent CNN poll found that 50-42 percent of people polled support a repeal of the Democrats’ health care bill.  Therefore, following today’s passage of the repeal of ObamaCare, Republicans will engage in honest debate and work through Committees to craft commonsense legislation aimed at providing Americans lower costs and improved access to quality care.”

NOTE: Important Facts About Obamacare

Courtesy of the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce

If you like your current health insurance, you CANNOT keep it

Increases health insurance premiums

Hurts Economic Growth With Tax Increases

Fails to control health care costs

Dramatically Increases the Federal Budget Deficit

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