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Museum Youth Club application

Seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to join the Museum Youth Club at the San Bernardino County Museum in Redlands.  All applications must be submitted to the museum by Thursday, September 23, 2010.

The Museum Youth Club is a free after-school program for 7th and 8th graders who enjoy learning new things, making friends with other kids with similar interests, and like working with younger children in an interactive and educational atmosphere.

MYC members attend weekly meetings after school either on Wednesday or Thursday during the school year. They explore new ideas, do activities, make new friends, and have fun together while learning about the museum and all its exhibits and events. MYC members also go on field trips, have special activities just for them, and volunteer at the museum.

Students who want to apply for the Museum Youth Club in 2010-11 must attend an orientation at the museum with one or both parents/guardians. There will be a short presentation on what the MYC is and does, expectations, and responsibilities. Parents and kids will also get a chance to talk to the MYC staff and current MYC members.

Orientation for those interested in attending MYC on Wednesdays will be on Wednesday, September 22 at 5:45 to 7pm. Those interested in joining the Thursday meetings will have an orientation on Thursday, September 23 at 5:45 to 7pm. All students must bring their parents or guardians and an application, which can be found on the MYC page at

The museum is accessible to persons with disabilities. If assistive listening devices or other auxiliary aids are needed in order to participate in museum exhibits or programs, requests should be made through Museum Visitor Services at least three business days prior to your visit. Visitor Services’ telephone number is 909-307-2669 ext. 229 or (TDD) 909-792-1462.

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