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New Data Center Now Open in the Inland Empire

One Data Center America

One Data Center America

New Data Center Now Open in the Inland Empire (Ontario, California)

Ontario, CAOne Data Center America just had the grand opening of its second data center facility in Ontario, California, near the 10 and 15 freeway intersection. The new data center facility features 3.5 million dollars of investment in upgrades to the facility’s power, connectivity and cooling redundancy. In addition to its unsurpassed implementation of infrastructure and design for impressive up-time rate of near 100%, this new facility is state of the art, very secure, and offers server and rack colocation services and other amenities with the convenience of its customers in mind.

The new data center facility has its own telecommunications tower standing 110 feet tall with 360 degrees of coverage in the Inland Empire, available for convenient microwave antenna colocation.

Information and Technology companies in the Inland Empire can now benefit from colocating their infrastructure locally in a secure facility that boast unrivaled up-time, skipping the inconvenience of having to travel to Downtown Los Angeles or any another distant data center facilities, and thereby improving response time for technical support and maintenance issues.

As for connectivity, the new data center facility is carrier-neutral with an array of fiber optic telecom providers including Level3, Verizon, Cogent, SCE, all on-site and available for direct cross-connection. Additional providers are being added. The facility also has physical dark fiber optic and Layer 2 transport from Ontario, California directly to Downtown Los Angeles, offering the possibility to connect to any provider with a presence at any data center in Los Angeles.

To provide additional security for its customers’ physical data and equipment, One Data Center America utilizes independent secure door access control systems, along with 24/7 security video surveillance cameras located on the facility.

If you seek security, redundancy, and convenience, the data center offers the following services:

  • Server colocation
  • Rack colocation
  • Cage colocation
  • Tower colocation
  • Cross-connection between providers
  • Cloud servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Internet Access

Data center tours are available upon request.

One Data Center America, LLC, Tel: (909) 219-6600,

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