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Norco College Awarded 2.7 Million-Dollar Grant

Norco, CA – Norco College, a Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), was awarded the Project PACES grant for $2,754,383 over the next five years to expand educational opportunities and improve the completion rates of Hispanic students.

Project PACES: Pathways to Access, Completion, Equity and Success

This new Title V grant enables Norco College to continue to build and expand on the following three goals:

1) Increase Hispanic and low-income retention and graduation by implementing Guided Pathways, which includes choosing a major and degree based on students interests and abilities, student success teams, and clear pathways to careers and further education

2) Increase low-income enrollment and access through college-wide coordination of equity-related programs

3) Implement professional development around Guided Pathways and an equity framework to foster a culture of ongoing improvement.

“This grant enables us to advance the college in scaling best practices for the institutional reform necessary to support student access, equity and success particularly for our Hispanic students, making up 58 percent of our population,” said Interim President Monica Green.

The fundamental elements of the guided pathways reform supported by PACES seeks to support Hispanic student completion efforts by increasing the annual number of students earning an associate degree or certificate, increasing four-year graduation rates, increasing four-year transfer rates, and increasing full-time student enrollment. The efforts also expand professional development in equity and pedagogy.

“The grant gives us the opportunity to enhance resources and improve organization structures allowing students to thrive academically,” said Green.

Norco College appreciates the partnership of Senators Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris and Congressman Ken Calvert for supporting funding efforts.

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