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North Milliken Grade Separation Dedication Ceremony

On October 30, 2013 at 10AM, the Ontario Mayor and City Council, in partnership with the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG), hosted a variety of public and private organizations as well as members of the community to officially dedicate the completion of the North Milliken Grade Separation.

Prior to construction, the intersection of Milliken Avenue and Guasti Road was highly congested and experienced significant traffic delays and safety challenges.  In 2011 construction began on a 1.5 mile segment of track in the area to allow for a 1% grade, enabling the Union Pacific trains to ascent over Milliken Avenue at the crossing.  Additionally, Milliken Avenue was widened between Guasti Road and Airport Drive for existing and future traffic needs.  Aesthetic features were added to the infrastructure including attractive retaining walls and landscaping adjacent to the new bridge.

According to Mayor Paul S. Leon, “Completion of this project is the result of a successful collaboration with numerous private and public sector partners.  Together, we have reduced congestion and idling vehicles, improved safety for motorists passing through this area, and eliminated the need for trains to slow their approach through the intersection.”

This three year $68 million dollar project, completed on August 26, 2013, has successfully eliminated the at-grade crossing for trains and has eased traffic congestion in one of the City’s most important transportation corridors.

Ontario Council Member and SANBAG Board Member Alan D. Wapner added, “Investment in our City’s infrastructure like the North Milliken Grade Separation is one more example of our ability to invest City revenue into enhancing our key transportation corridors and creating a safer environment for all residents, businesses and visitors.”

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