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Oak Valley College offers a Full Tuition Scholarship for Cal Grant award recipients

For low and middle-income California residents who are eligible for Cal Grant-A (3.0 GPA with some income requirements), Oak Valley College offers its Full Tuition Scholarship. New freshmen with a Cal Grant-A may attend all eight semesters at Oak Valley with no out of pocket tuition costs and without using any loans.

For students ineligible for Cal Grant-A, Pell Grants provide a path for students to pay as little as $400 per semester. For all other students, Oak Valley continues to offer a debt-free path to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business.

“Oak Valley remains committed to providing a path for students to earn a bachelor’s degree debt-free in three (32-months from freshman status to graduation),” said President Eric Blum. “The Full Tuition Scholarship is our effort to provide a high-quality affordable in-person experience for students to live, learn, and grow. We recognize that the financial costs at most colleges and universities are too high, and we are committed to break through those barriers.”

Oak Valley is a small liberal arts college providing applied business education within a Christian community without student loans.

Oak Valley was founded in 2016 and received recognition from the WASC Senior College and University Commission in early 2020. Students earn a BA in Business debt-free in 32 months through Oak Valley’s full-time year-round trimester schedule. Oak Valley is authorized to offer Pell and Cal Grants by the US Department of Education and the California Student Aid Commission, respectively.

More information about the Full Tuition Scholarship may be found at

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