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Office of Business Development workshop discusses transition from employee to entrepreneur

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (May 20, 2011) — The City of San Bernardino, Economic Development Agency, Office of Business Development is hosting a workshop titled, “From Employee to Entrepreneur” from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Tuesday, May 24.  The workshop will be held at the Office of Business Development, 201-B N. E Street, Suite 200, in San Bernardino.

The seminar, taught by Peter Mehit, chief operating officer of Custom Business Planning and Solutions, will focus on strategies employees can use when making the transition to start their own business. Mehit will focus on issues such as franchising, starting a non-profit and buying an existing business.

“Learning how to start a business is an important issue that many people are currently dealing with,” said Lori Tillery, economic development manager. “The economic recession has forced many laid-off employees to become entrepreneurs.”

For more information please call 909.963.5026, or email

About the City of San Bernardino’s Office of Business Development

The Office of Business Development, a branch of the City of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency, was created to promote business recruitment, assist with business retention and provide business resources and information to San Bernardino area businesses and companies. The Office of Business Development is funded by the City of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency. For more information call 909.963.5026, or visit

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