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PassEDA to hold a Transportation Summit on Oct. 16, 2019

Pass EDA

Pass EDA

Beaumont, CA – PassEDA announced it will hold a Transportation Summit at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, at the Beaumont Unified School District offices.

The Transportation Summit is a lunch-and-learn event where guests will hear about transportation projects impacting the San Gorgonio Pass region from Yucaipa to Whitewater. The speakers will be Anne Mayer, executive director of the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and Gabriela G. Collins, Southern California Edison Senior Policy Advisor. The cost is $25. The BUSD offices are at 350 W. Brookside Avenue in Beaumont.

Pass EDA (Economic Development Agency) organized a popular, well-attended city managers forum in 2018 and is planning more events on topics important to Pass-area residents and businesses.

“Communities in the Pass are growing rapidly. It is imperative that residents of this region have resources where they can learn about the opportunities and challenges so they can be prepared for the future. The goal of the PassEDA is to provide informational events for our communities and work with legislators to ensure the cities in the Pass have the funding for projects that will keep our area economically strong for the future,” said Dr. Roger Schultz, president of the Pass EDA board and superintendent/president of Mt. San Jacinto College. “We invite members of the public and business owners to attend the Transportation Summit.”

PassEDA is a public-private partnership committed to helping bring jobs to the Pass, and to train residents for those jobs. The public/private partnership puts it in a unique position to help the region grow its economy.

The PassEDA is also seeking new members and members interested in serving on its board of directors. This is an exciting time for a volunteer to serve on the board, as the organization is redefining itself and creating a strategic planning process. The board will be key to setting the course for the PassEDA and is responsible for helping with planning and operations. The board meets monthly.

To register for the Transportation Summit or to become a PassEDA member, visit or call (951) 312-7501.

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