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Press Releases Verses Brand Content

Press Releases Verses Brand Content

We receive 100’s of stories every month. We do our best to pick the stories that our readers want to read. We combine editorial judgement, curation value and historical data of our pageviews to select the stories. We publish both press release and branded content that perform well in the Inland Empire, and we treat and curate them according to their purpose.

We ask, is it a press release?

• Is the story for the public?
• Does the story benefit the greater Inland Empire community?
• Does if fit our themes and categories?
• Is it original, or has it been pushed through PR distribution engines?
• Does it contain newsworthy content?
• Is it nonprofit?

Or is the story branded content?

• Does it sell?
• Is it a promotion?
• Is it a lead generation piece?
• Is it about “me” or “my business” and not the greater Inland Empire?
• For a paid event.
• Hiring, job posting, job fairs.

Do we publish Branded Content?

Yes. We publish it under our partnerships. Our site is funded through mixing and matching the best content. Some comes from press releases, others from advertisers. You can see our content funding here.

Want to know more about how we partner to create or publish content?

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