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Reception Honoring the 100th anniversary of Booker T Washington’s Riverside Visit

RIVERSIDE, CALIF. – The 100th anniversary of educator Dr. Booker T. Washington’s memorable visit to Riverside was Sunday March 23rd, 2014. During that visit he gave three unforgettable presentations: one at the newly built 1st Congregational Church, another at the Second Baptist Church, and the final one in the Cloister Music Room of the Mission Inn. Washington also found time to accompany Mission Inn owner Frank Miller to Mt. Rubidoux where the two men were photographed together. This iconic image is a lasting reminder of the impact Washington’s visit had on our community. When Washington passed away a year later, Miller arranged for a memorial service at the hotel. Washington’s 1914 visit remains an important part of Riverside’s history with the most visible reminder being a bust of Washington commissioned by the Black Voice Foundation and placed near the entrance of the Mission Inn.

The community was invited to a program Saturday, April 5 at the Mission Inn Museum located at 3696 Main Street in downtown Riverside, Calif.

The short program includes remarks by Kenneth Morris, Jr. Ken is the great-great grandson of Booker T. Washington, the great-great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass, and Founder & President of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives with a mission to end human trafficking and all forms of servitude, and advance freedom through knowledge and strategic action.

The exhibit features items on loan to the museum by Dr. Norman Towels from his collection of African-American books and historic artifacts. For more information email

 Contributed Content by Natasha Simone Ferguson, NTouch Public Relations

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