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Redlands Bowl Needs Your Help and Your Votes

Redlands Bowl Summer Music FestivalDear Friends of the Redlands Bowl….

We are trying to obtain a new grant from Pepsi in the amount of $50,000 for the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. We have only three days left to win this grant! We must finish in the top 10!

Please help us to get back in the top ten by remembering to vote at least twice every day – once online using the link (see below) and once by sending a text (see below).

Please vote at least twice every day thru September 30 and please encourage others to help as well!

The online page contains our project as well as several others that we have aligned with. And the text info below contains numbers for those partners. By voting for each of these groups, they then vote for us, and we are all buoyed up and therefore have a better chance to win. This strategy helped us to be successful before and will work again if everyone who loves the Bowl is faithful to support us and vote.

Vote via email here:

To text your vote:

In what may be your Messages menu on your cell phone:

1. Choose Compose SMS Text

2. In the To:  field, type 73774

3. In the body of the text, type 102320

4. Send

Other partners for whom you can vote via text are identified by these numbers:

102048 (REV High School, Tracy Massimiano)

We really need all hands on deck to reach our goal!

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