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Riverside Names Interim Finance Director – Scott Miller

RIVERSIDE, Ca – Scott Miller has been named Interim Finance Director in Riverside. He has worked at a variety of high-level finance positions in the during the past 31 years. Miller is expected to direct the daily activities of the Finance Department for 4-6 months, while the City conducts a national recruitment for the full-time job.

Miller has worked for the past 18 months as an independent finance and technology consultant throughout Southern California after completing a two-year stint in Broward County, Florida, where he was the Interim Chief Financial Officer and Director of Finance and Administrative Services. In that post, Miller oversaw nine county departments and 775 employees.

“Scott Miller has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that Riverside continues the transition to a two-year budget and a five-year financial plan, which will bring greater clarity and precision to the City’s financial planning,” City Manager John A. Russo said.

Miller holds a doctorate in philosophy from Arizona State University with a specialization in public administration, finance-budgeting and program/policy evaluation. He holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Georgia with a specialization in administration, finance, and organizational development, and he earned a B.A in psychology from San Diego State University. Miller holds an instructor credential from the California Community Colleges and is a certified fraud examiner and a certified information technology specialist.

Prior to taking the interim job in Florida, Miller served as Administrative Services Director and Chief Financial Officer for the City of Beverly Hills for nearly seven years. Before working in Beverly Hills, he was Redevelopment Agency Assistant Executive Director and Economic Development Manager for the City of Claremont from 2001 to 2005.

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