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Riverside Residents Urged to Wear College Colors Aug. 30

RIVERSIDE, CA (August 19, 2013) – The City of Riverside and Completion Counts are encouraging college and university alumni, students, proud parents and aspirational younger students to wear their college colors – ranging from shirts and jerseys to scarves and neckties – identifying and celebrating the colleges and universities you attended, hope to attend, or simply admire, on Friday, August 30.

“For Riverside, it’s a chance to for all of us to recognize and celebrate our college-going culture and the importance we place on higher education,” said Mayor Rusty Bailey. “For those of us who are going or went to college, this is a day when we can show off our school pride. More importantly, it’s day for young elementary, middle and high school students to identify with colleges and universities they want to attend one day. Let’s see those colors!”

Students throughout the city take part in college culture and attire events throughout the school year; National College Colors Day (Friday, August 30) is a date that all schools, City Hall and people and offices throughout the community can celebrate and reinforce the same message, the Mayor said.

National College Colors Day was created in 2005 by the Atlanta-based Collegiate Licensing Company to promote the traditions and spirit of the college experience by encouraging fans across America to wear their favorite college or university apparel during back-to-school time. The City of Riverside embraced the concept in 2012 to celebrate academics as well as athletics, as part of the Completion Counts initiative to raise college graduation rates among local students by 2020.

Participating schools and businesses are invited to contact the Mayor’s Office at (951) 826-5372 to arrange for College Colors Day pictures to be taken or added to event displays.

Learn more about Completion Counts and free education resources and links available to students and families through the website.

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