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Riverside Streetcar Study to Give Update

Riverside, CA. – The Riverside Reconnects Streetcar Feasibility Study, which is examining what a streetcar system could mean for Riverside, will be the subject of a community update and question/answer session at a workshop Thursday (7/31) evening.

The workshop is scheduled for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the César Chávez Community Center, 2060 University Avenue. City staff members and members of the consulting team who are working on the study will present an update, answer questions and obtain community feedback.
The study is examining how a streetcar system could spur economic development along proposed routes and improve public transportation options for residents, students and others.

Routes to be studied will align with University Avenue between UC Riverside and downtown Riverside; and Magnolia Avenue between downtown Riverside and La Sierra.

Specific topics that are part of the study include potential routes, construction and operating costs, community costs and benefits, financing options and potential economic development benefits.

More information on the workshop and the study is available at

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