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RIVERSIDE: Young Republicans recently held elections and endorsements in both the 61st and 67th Assembly District.

Moreno Valley Mayor Bill Batey, candidate for the 61st Assembly District was formally endorsed unanimously by the membership with former YR member Joe Ludwig speaking on behalf of the Mayor.


The Riverside Young Republicans also held its elections for office, all members were nominated unopposed and elected unanimously as follows:

President: Nathan Miller
Vice President: Chris Mann
Political Director: Elliott Hulse
Treasurer: John Burnett
Secretary: Ryan Magnon


I formally announced that I will be running for Riverside Community College District School Board. I have been endorsed by Assemblyman Jeff Miller, and RCC Board Member Janet Green among my support list. I am running in District 1 which is comprised of Corona, Norco and Eastvale.

67th Assembly District:

California’s fledgling top two primary has been responsible for many upsets, surprises and problems. Third party candidates have been completely written off with only the two top vote getters squaring off against one another in the primary as opposed to the top vote getter from each party. In most cases it is a Republican vs. Democrat but there have been some isolated one party run-offs. In this case I refer to the 67th Assembly District. In a Republican only primary we yielded a Republican only run-off between Lake Elsinore Councilwoman Melissa Melendez and Phil Paule, District Director to Congressman Issa. Both candidates addressed the membership and made themselves available to questions. This race has been quite heated and one of the few GOP on GOP races that has drawn overt attacks. This was clearly present at the meeting as well by the candidates supporters. Both candidates however handled themselves with professionalism and clarity.

I thank both for coming out to seek the RCYR endorsement. The Riverside County Young Republicans by majority vote chose to endorse candidate Phil Paule as one that best represents the clubs values and conservative principles. I strongly stand behind the decision made by the members of the club and congratulate Phli Paule on his endorsement and race to victory in November.


This is a first for both Democrats and Republicans where we have had to continue our battles into the primary where typically solidarity behind the party is the norm. We pledge to continue to work with all victorious Republicans in November and look forward to the day when the growth of Government is curbed and both the State and Federal Government goes back to school to learn the basic economic principle that spending less than you earn will always balance your budget.

Nathan Miller, President (Candidate for District 1 RCC Board of Trustees)
Riverside County Young Republicans

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