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San Bernardino County – e3p3 Project Receives $2.1 Million Dollars

Time for change Grant

Above photo, left to right: Kim Carter (TFCF) , Assemblymember Eloise Reyes (47th District), Vanessa Perez (TFCF), Mayor Carey Davis (San Bernardino), Mayor Deborah Robertson (Rialto), Supervisor James Ramos (San Bernardino), Senator Connie Leyva (District 20th), Luvina Beckley (MHM)

San Bernardino, CA – On September 7th, 2018 Mayors, elected officials and community stakeholders celebrated time for Change Foundation, (TFCF) receiving $2.1 million dollars from the Department of Health Care Services – SAMHSA to expand its successful Positive Futures II (PFII) Project. The celebration took place at the San Bernardino Government Center-Rotunda at 385 N. Arrowhead Ave in San Bernardino.

Mayor Deborah Robertson of the City of Rialto was in attendance and stated, “Time for Change Foundation has provided homeless women and those with children with housing and supportive services to make the transition from incarceration and homelessness to self-sufficiency for years now. It is yet another milestone for our region to see public and private agencies coming together to address the challenges with homelessness, reentry, and family reunification.” The City of Rialto and Mayor Robertson was San Bernardino County’s flagship e3p3 Model City and continues to demonstrate successes in accessing grants supporting residents and businesses in Rialto.

M.H.M. & Associates (MHM) CEO Luvina Beckley was recognized for creating and championing the E3P3 modelTM that served in securing the grant funds to advance the Positive Futures II multi-city strategy to reduce crime and eliminate recidivism. Time for Change Foundation’s e3p3 Positive Futures II program will enroll 220 program eligible females (44 per year). An estimated 90% or more (200 program graduates, 40 per year) will receive program services upon release into the targeted area from the CDCR system. The service area is San Bernardino County and includes targeted cities of San Bernardino, Rialto, Redlands, Victorville, and Colton and covers 234.45 square miles.

In 2012, Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) created the first Positive Futures, multi-city, 3-year pilot project with a grant written by MHM, whose goal was to prevent crime, reduce recidivism and address substance abuse/mental health disorders for 135 incarcerated women. It began within 4 months of the women being released back into San Bernardino County and continued for 12 months post release. The project resulted in 100% elimination of recidivism and a 98% increase in housing, employment, family connectedness and behavioral health treatment. Senator Connie Leyva who was in attendance and spoke at the event stated ‘I am happy that TFCF received this Federal funding and I am equally happy that our community and women transitioning from prison are the beneficiaries of this funding! This makes me excited to see how the e3p3 Model will continue to bring grants into our region!

The E3P3 ModelTM is a designed grants development system that accelerates grants into targeted areas addressing disparities and inequities while maximizing the value of Public, Private Partnerships. The E3P3 ModelTM strategically aligns E3: Environmental, Economic, and Equity (access to needed resources) concepts that are fundable with industry experts and community-based organizations, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, innovators and government agencies. To date the E3P3 ModelTM has successfully supported $68 Million in grants and matching funds.

Vanessa Perez, Director of Time for Change Foundation continues to remain steadfast in their mission to empower  disenfranchised low-income  individuals  and  families  by  building  leadership  through evidenced based programs and housing to create self-sufficiency and thriving communities. To date, TFCF has reunited 247 children from foster care back with their moms in safe and stable housing.

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