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SBETA Launches Training for Job Seekers and Local Employers

The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency (SBETA) announced the launch of METRIX Learning, an online learning and workforce development tool, serving both job seekers and local businesses. With METRIX Learning, SBETA now offers a broader more accessible program for training and has the ability to provide greater assistance to more individuals through this cost effective program.

Job seekers at the One Stop Centers can use the METRIX Learning solution to electronically assess their job skills, understand the gap between their current skills and what they need in order to be effective in a new job or career. The Metrix Learning system also allows job seekers to establish customized learning plans, as well as search for potential job openings. METRIX Learning is flexible and convenient, allowing job seekers to access the system from any computer with an Internet connection, at any time according to each user’s schedule. Local businesses can apply to enroll employees in METRIX Learning as part of skill upgrading or on-the-job training program.

METRIX Learning has over 5,000 courses covering business skills, desktop skills, IT and professional certification tracks, healthcare-specific courses and objective assessments. The content comes from top providers such as SkillSoft, Medcom/Trainex and Kenexa’s Prove-It!

“We are very pleased to be the first agency to offer Metrix Learning on the West Coast. We continue to be impressed with the program and US Wired’s commitment to continuously improving the system. I have great confidence that adding this eLearning curriculum to our service offerings will provide greater opportunity for our job seekers and help prepare them for the jobs our employers are offering” said Ernest Dowdy, Executive Director of SBETA.

The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency has been assisting job seekers and businesses with their employment needs for over 30 years. The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency has long created workforce solutions for the area’s employers and job seekers through public and private partnerships. We provide cost-effective, quality programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and address the current and long-term needs of the area’s employers. This is largely accomplished through partnerships and comprehensive employment resources. For more information visit SBETA online at

The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency One Stop Career Center is located at 600 N. Arrowhead, Suite 300, San Bernardino, and operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and offers a full range of services for the job seeker. For more information regarding Metrix Learning, please contact Katrina Smith at 909-888-7881 or

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