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Schools Receive Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society Grant

2016 RHIS School Grant recipients pictured left to right: Karen Koning and Catherin (Redlands Christian School); Wes Cullen (Citrus Valley High School); Bettina McLeod (Cope Middle School); Sheila Best, Lani Morales, Dee Dee Witherspoon, Heidi McGovney (Franklin Elementary School); Donna Hammond and Scott Ferguson (Lugonia Elementary School); Matthew Osmond and Cameron (Kimberly Elementary School); Middle front: Kathleen Sanchez-Kjellberg, RHIS School Grant coordinator. Grant recipient not pictured: Nanette Porras (Crafton Elementary School).

One of the many community projects sponsored by Redlands Horticultural and Improvement Society is providing funds to teachers to establish a garden at their school. RHIS believes that the society’s 127 year goal of beautifying Redlands begins with teaching children to appreciate the joys and excitement of being creative in the garden.

School Garden Grants applications were sent by Rosemary Herendeen, RHIS corresponding secretary, to the principals of twenty-seven local public and private schools. Seven schools returned completed applications to Kathleen Sanchez-Kjellberg, RHIS School Grant chairperson. RHIS Board members approved grants of funds to all seven teacher applicants.

Kathleen presented checks to seven teachers to use for the purchase of plants, trees, materials and supplies for their individual school garden projects which included students creating raised vegetable gardens, window planters in front of classroom windows, a botanical garden, herb gardens, a friendship garden, and a memory garden.

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