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Shelley Adams Chosen as New ROP Superintendent

Shelley Adams chosen as Finalist for Superintendent Position in Baldy View Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

Following an extensive search, which brought an excellent field of candidates, the Baldy View ROP Commission has focused their search for a Superintendent on Shelley Adams. Adams is currently the Director of Educational Services of Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program, which serves the Fremont, Newark and New Haven Unified School Districts.

“Ms. Adams was selected as our finalist from a number of highly qualified candidates, including many district leaders. Her experience and credentials are a great match for our Baldy View ROP community.” said ROP Commission President Art Bustamonte. In Mission Valley ROP, Ms. Adams crafted a vision which resulted in doubling the number of University of California a-g courses offered over a four-year period and reached the level at which 98% of ROP students in Mission Valley are high school students, as compared to 60% in 2007-2008. Her ROP is a collaborative partner with the three school districts, in five California Partnership Academies. She expanded the collaborative relationship with Fremont and Alameda County/ Newark Fire Departments and brought a number of donations, including 2 fire trucks and a multi-million dollar, as well as smaller, Career Technical Education facilities grants to the districts comprising the Mission Valley ROP. Additionally she developed and implemented programs of study in nine industry sectors. Ms. Adams is known as a leader who is an agent of innovation, a leader who validates the professional efforts of her colleagues, and who engages in evidenced-based instructional strategies that promote student-to-teacher exchanges, which authenticate the learning that is taking place in ROP classrooms. Her philosophy of leadership is centered on creating and sharing a vision and empowering all stakeholders to realize that vision; and building and maintaining trust through candor, transparency and validation.

Prior to joining Mission Valley ROP in 2006, Ms. Adams served as a Communications and Grants, Contracts Specialist and Teacher Advisor in the Los Angeles Unified School District, after having worked as an Instructor and Teacher Advisor in the ROP program in that same district.

“She has developed strong parent and community partnerships to engender trust, foster cooperation and engage the entire ROP community to sustain a safe, effective and positive learning environment,” President Bustamonte stated.

Adams received her Master of Science degree in School Administration at Pepperdine University and her Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Studies at the University of California, Riverside.

Approval of Shelley Adams’ contract is anticipated at the regular meeting of the Baldy View ROP Commission on July 11, 2012.

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