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State of Emergency Declared in the City of Fontana

Fontana, California, December 23, 2010 – The Mayor and City Council announce that a State of Emergency has been declared for the City of Fontana.  Extreme and unpredicted weather has caused excessive and extensive damage and destruction to public facilities, and the initial estimated costs to repair the damage are greater than the City’s fiscal ability to recover.

The City Manager, acting in his capacity as the Director of Emergency Services of the City of Fontana, is authorized to issue a proclamation of the existence or threatened existence of a local emergency and has done so, in accordance with Chapter 8 of the City of Fontana Municipal Code.

An emergency City Council Meeting was held at 3:30 PM on Thursday, December 23, 2010 ratifying the Proclamation issued by the Director of Emergency Services, declaring that a State of Emergency exists in the City of Fontana.  In accordance with Section 54956.5 of the Brown Act, one hour notice was given to all stations and newspapers that have requested notification of special meetings.

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