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Stephen Wormser Photography announced Event and Course Schedule for January – March 2011

Redlands, CA. – Redlands-based professional photographer Steve Wormser has released his event, photography class and workshop schedule for first quarter 2011.

Course offerings range from a free Color and Design Framing seminar to basic digital camera and computer classes to personal photography coaching.  Events scheduled include scenic photo walks in Redlands and two Photo Excursions to Big Sur in March and Yellowstone National Park and surroundings in May.

“Using a digital camera has changed how we photograph, and there are nuances to getting the best from your camera,” says Wormser.  “I thoroughly enjoy helping all levels of photographers, from amateur to fellow professionals, learn to create different effects.

“Digital cameras are a very popular holiday gift.  You’ve got a camera, now what do you do with it?  I know there are very few camera courses available these days, and sharing my experience is very gratifying.  It’s great to see people understand all the different buttons and settings and be able to get a photograph they love.  It’s all about preserving memories and capturing moments,” says Wormser.

Wormser also includes computer courses in his course offerings.  “It’s one thing to get the picture in the camera, it’s another to upload it to your computer and share or use the image for personal or professional use,” says Wormser.  “I try to remove the intimidation factor.”  Courses also include learning how to use Adobe Photoshop® and Photoshop® elements.

Wormser notes that he is unaware of any other camera/computer courses available locally as cutbacks to local education have eliminated hobby-type courses. “I want to pick up the slack if I can, at a very affordable price, because the art of photography is so gratifying.  This isn’t a money-making venture for me as much as it is a love of my art,” says Wormser.

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