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Supervisor Ramos Names Planning Commissioner

Today, the Board of Supervisors approved the appointment of Paul Smith as Planning Commissioner to represent the Third District on the Commission.

While Kerri Tuttle, the previous Planning Commissioner for this seat, had to resign as Planning Commissioner due to personal scheduling conflicts, Supervisor Ramos thanks Ms. Tuttle for her work and looks forward to the perspective Paul Smith will bring Commission.  “I would like to thank Ms. Tuttle for her work on the Commission and though we regret that she had to resign, I hope to find some other opportunities for her to serve the 3rd District. We welcome Paul Smith to the Commission.  Mr. Smith is a well-respected community member with vast knowledge and experience that will make him a valuable addition to this Commission,” stated Supervisor Ramos.

Mr. Smith is the owner of the 29 Palms Inn located in Twentynine Palms. In addition to being a business owner, he has served on the California Wilderness Coalition, the Tourism Commission, and the Desert Advisory Council under the Clinton and Bush Administrations. He has been an active member in his community, having served in a variety of professional and volunteer capacities.

Mr. Smith will begin his service at the June 6th Planning Commission meeting.  These meetings start at 9:00am and are located at 385 N. Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino in the Covington Chambers on the 1st Floor.

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