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The Community answers on Make a Difference Day

“Arrowhead United Way draws Volunteers to help”

San Bernardino, CA -Local non-profit organization Arrowhead United Way partnered with Central City Lutheran Mission in San Bernardino for ‘Make a Difference Day’ in order to renovate classrooms for the Mission’s after school program.

The ‘Make a Difference’ event was hosted by Arrowhead United Way as part of their mission to support education, and help improve the academic environmental setting for children in the after school program.

Arrowhead United Way staff teamed with the program director to give classrooms a touch of vibrancy with a fresh coat of paint for every room. From the indoors to the outdoors, member and volunteers planted flowers and fruit trees donated from Serrano Nursery in Colton. The organization also created new academic based playground games for students to encourage and support physical play and activity.

Arrowhead United Way drew in over 75 volunteers who participated in Arrowhead United Way’s ‘Make a Difference Event.’ Volunteer teams from The California Conservation Corps, Fed Ex Rialto, along with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage lent a genuine hand to the much needed repairs.  Starbucks, Costco and Pizza Hut donated breakfast and lunch for all the volunteers participating in the event. During lunch The San Bernardino Teen Music Workshop group performed for all the volunteers. ITT Tech even donated classroom furnishings to aid in the renovations. Students in the Mission’s after school program also came out to help reinvent their new classrooms.

The mood of the event was enthusiastic as community members provided a whole hearted labor to help inspire creativity in the classroom setting.

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