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The Journey with Jon Burgess for May 12th, 2018

The Journey - 05/12/18

The Journey for May 12th, 2018

The Journey - Video & Podcast for 5/12/18

by Jon Burgess – part of our series The “_______” Journey.

0:00 – Opening – Hi, I’m Jon Burgess, Co-founder of RedFusion and publisher of InlandEmpire.US and

0:30 –  We are going to be doing these series on small business, marketing and how to grow your business. We will be mashing together some of our RedFusion knowledge and Inland Empire data.

1:00 – RedFusion’s proprietary system of moving companies and products through our marketing cycle, you can find it here,

1:20 – InlandEmpire.US is an online magazine, that is somewhere between a business journal and marketing engine. We have been publishing it for more than 15 years, but in the past 2 years we have turned it into a full-blown relationship marketing engine.

1:55 – We have worked really hard at SEO so our Inland Empire content is found. What we care the most about is finding content on business, education, workforce, economic development and city news.

2:50 – We are lucky that we get most of our stories pulled into Google News.

3:50 – We put up two to five stories a day, sent through our PR or for partners, We choose our content on quality measures, which include an image, 250+ words and on topics that support the Inland Empire.

4:15 – We have some upcoming events of note:

4:55 – Biggest story of the week is that we will have a new Hilton Hotel in downtown Riverside. We won in Google when posting this news, and here is the video referencing those tactics.

5:15 – Our weekly newsletter goes out at noon on every Wednesday and here is where you can join our newsletter here, We promise we will not SPAM you.

6:45 – Here are some trends we see. Google News, we have shown you that above. We also take advantage of Twitter and do fairly well,

We tend to be contrary to colleagues and industry professionals when it relates to social media. We have found over 500 websites that we have built, running detailed tracking, we now see most of the success of social media as a complete lie.

7:45 – On Twitter, we go through our feed and “Pat People on the Back.” We make sure that anything we are doing, we are pushing Inland Empire stuff pushed forward.  How use social media is simply about relationships and how we treat people correctly. And with Twitter we are treating relationships correctly.

9:15 – The “Broken Facebook” Journey was a story we posted a few weeks ago, we still stand by that the majority of Facebook business pages are worthless and we have shut ours down.  Unless you are in events or maybe highly customer services focus, the pages have broken, and we believe Facebook and social media are for the one-to-one relationships.

9:45 – Years ago Facebook told us they would no longer allow a page to win on its own. You needed to pay, even if you are paying for your own followers to see your content. (minute 11)

10:40 – There are a million tactics within marketing and advertising, but very few of them work for you and your business.

11:45 – We track everything, and if you look at our RedFusion Marketing Cycle that we have built over the past 20 years. We have used very specific tools and we continue to update it.

13:05 – We are not a branding company. Branding is something that we think happens between positioning and content.

13:30 – Through our marketing cycle we have a point where we look at competition. Within the Inland Empire, we have started telling people what is going on with regards to online value and tracking competitors. You can search your own rankings at

14:30 – Total views are not an important measure to us, we care about returning visitors, subscriptions, and followers. Alexa however can only see total traffic, thus there is some value to comparing apples to apples.

15:00 – In October we published where our competitors ranked and we have just updated those files to show where they are now in May.

21:15 – Oak Valley College. ( Throughout our pod and video casts, we are going to point out some great partners, and this week we chose Oak Valley College. They are in Colton California and offer a great program. Simply put, you can get a Bachelor of Arts in three years, walking away debt free. They are enrolling now for Fall 2018, and if you are interested in learning more, check out their page.

22:30 – Klout is shutting down May 25th. We say good riddance. What we think is that Klout or social influence is not very valuable to the average person. Businesses don’t often grow much influence within social channels.

When looking at our paper, the PIMS Principle, we know there can only be one or two major influences in any topic.

24:50 – Google Conference announces several interesting topics. The one we are focusing on is AMP.  We think AMP helps all of our clients and we recommend that anyone with a website implements it. It is used by Google News and by APPs. If you are a content
AMP is a web component library and ecosystem for building reliably fast websites with great user experience at scale. There are now over six billion AMP pages from 46 million domains, with a median load time of less than one second from Google Search.

26:00 – Adding SSL’s or the HTTP’S’ to your website. Starting in July 2018, Google will start labeling all sites still using unencrypted HTTP as “not secure” on version 48 of Chrome. Hopefully, this sort of tagging will inform users about how sites they visit operate, while also putting a bigger burden on websites owners to switch over.

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