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The “Google News & Google Jobs” Journey with Jon Burgess, 5/18/19

Google News & Jobs

The Journey for May 18th, 2018

by Jon Burgess – part of our series The “_______” Journey.

The “Google News & Google Jobs” Journey

Redlands, CA – We have been watching Google News for years because it has pulled our Inland Empire RSS feed.  We have found tremendous value in having our RSS feed pulled.

  • We know and understand what it takes to create, curate and post valuable content.
  • Traffic increases 15-35% for our stories
  • Stories get more than regional exposure, they get national search exposure within Google News

You can see some Google News commentary from last year here,

Our data also has shown us a substantial increase in Google Jobs traffic, which is a new layout for Google and will shift some of the traffic from major job engines to the specific jobs.

0:20 – We have seen some major changes in Google News and how they have reformatted the layout, changed the search sections and content, and that they have placed a value on your personal search history.

1:25 – We now see on the right of Google News they have a Fact Check, and we don’t see much value in it because Snopes was included.

1:45 – Our Google strategies, which include our Clients and Partners, we play the Google News game to win for you, hopefully driving new traffic to your site and organization.

1:50 – The Second thing we saw this week was if you go into Google and search for Google Jobs, there is a completely new function for searching jobs.

2:15 – We are all about data and what we have found in just a brief time is that we gained 2% of referral traffic to our site in just a couple of days.

2:40 – You can see that Google now has a new layout for jobs, and you will see that the format pushes down the page fold, so that only Google jobs show up. The traditional jobs platforms, they have been pushed down.

3:10 – Pushing down of the traditional jobs will take away views from large platforms like Monster Jobs or Indeed.

3:40 – If you click into the new jobs search, you can see they are cool; nice formatting, good search tools, and sorted to your locality.

4:05 – What we found was that some of our Inland Empire jobs were being pulled into Google jobs,

4:50 – By being categorized and pulled into Google Jobs, we are gaining traffic, and I would guess that the larger job engines are losing views.

5:05 – We are posting jobs for our Inland Empire partners, check that out here,

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