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Time for Summer Cleaning – Send Unwanted Items to the Salvation Army

[ecko_quote source=”Jack Katzman, member of San Bernardino’s Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Advisory Board. “]We need donations of every kind. We receive no other funds, and these days, donations are at an all-time low. [/ecko_quote]

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Summer has arrived, which means it’s time for summer clean up ! Get rid of unwanted appliances, furniture, clothes and other items easily by calling 1-800 SATRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to arrange for The Salvation Army to pick them up. Or visit our website at

What’s no longer useful to you may be just what a thrift store bargain-shopper falls in love with, or may be exactly what a family needs but can’t afford to buy in a department store.

“No matter who buys them, donations to the local Salvation Army Family Stores, purveyors of fine used goods, will use the money to help men to overcome drug or alcohol addiction,” said Lt. Regina Verdugo, administrator.

“We need donations of every kind,” said Jack Katzman, member of San Bernardino’s Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Advisory Board. “We receive no other funds, and these days, donations are at an all-time low.”

“You can donate cars, trucks, boats, clothing, toys, furniture, appliances and even property,” said Katzman.

The Salvation Army will send a truck to pick up donations from most addresses. The donations can be small or large, as long as they fit into huge the delivery trucks.

Donors also can bring small items to any of The Salvation Army’s Family Stores, or larger items, such as cars, to the Adult Rehabilitation Center warehouse, which has a location in San Bernardino at 363 S. Doolittle Road.

San Bernardino’s Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center operates five Family Stores, in San Bernardino, Fontana, Redlands, Hesperia and Victorville.

The Family Stores raise almost all of the program’s revenue and teach the rehabilitation center’s residents new job skills, thus helping them become more productive members of society after they complete the program. The beneficiaries learn the value of working hard, cooperating with others and having goals.

Men in San Bernardino County or Pomona Valley who are seeking help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction should call the Adult Rehabilitation Center in San Bernardino at (909) 889-9605. The Salvation Army offers a similar program for men in Riverside County; for more information about that program, call (951) 940-5790.

Women who want help ending drug or alcohol addiction can call Adult Rehabilitation Centers for them by calling the center in Anaheim at (714) 758-0414, or the center in San Diego at (619) 239-4037.

About the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Adult Rehabilitation Center is a six-month social model program, which combines a comprehensive rehabilitation program and work therapy for men who wish to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. These men attend individual and group counseling, substance abuse education, 12-Step meetings, and learn about stress management, anger management, parenting and overcoming addiction, as well as spiritual counseling. Re-entry and alumni supports services are also provided. Many recreational activities are also provided, which alumni can continue after their treatment as part of a sober lifestyle.

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church. One of the largest charitable and international service organizations in the world, The Salvation Army has been in existence since 1865 and in San Bernardino since 1887, supporting those in need without discrimination. To donate, call 1-800 SATRUCK.

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