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Two-Time Presidential Candidate to Speak at Riverside City College

Riverside City College Campus

Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2012 and 2016 presidential candidate, will speak at Riverside City College on Wednesday, March 15, at 1 pm on the steps of the Martin Luther King Building.

Stein, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, will be discussing her thoughts on the political movement in the country as well as discussing the importance of grassroots organizing. The College visit is part of her eight-day speaking tour across California that began on March 8. Dr. Stein will appear at events from Arcata to San Diego and will make an appearance at the Green Party of California’s convention in Bakersfield on March 11-12.

The Green Party is committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice and grassroots organizing, Greens are renewing democracy without the support of corporate donors, according to its website. Currently, the party is promoting a green New Deal jobs program to revive the economy and turn the tide on climate change; the cancellation of student debt and free public higher education; and a people’s alternative to the two dominant parties.

Dr. Stein has written on toxic threats to children’s health and environmental threats on aging. She is available to meet with the news media, by appointment. Please contact David Cobb at (707) 362-0333 or by email at

The event is free and open to the public, but parking rules will be enforced; please see metered machines for parking passes and regulations.

And for an opposing view, University of Redlands to have National Author Ben Shapiro Speak on March 15th.

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