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UCR is Composing

Paulo Chagas, director – A concert of new, live, local and original music by UCR students and faculty featuring guest performers Jennifer Choi (violin), Alma Fernandez (viola) and David Mergen (cello).

RIVERSIDE, CA -The University of California, Riverside, Department of Music presents the annual UCR is Composing concert, a showcase of new, live, local and original music by UCR students and faculty.

Our special guests – the violinist Jennifer Choir, the violist Alma Lisa Fermandez and the cellist David Mergen – will present a repertoire of acoustic and electroacoustic works, some of them specially composed for this concert.

In Fall 2010, the UCR Department of Music launched the Ph.D. program in Digital Composition. It emphasizes the creative manipulation of digital sound and the integration of music into multimedia and interdisciplinary, cultural and social contexts. We hope to establish a strong profile and an exciting environment for creating and performing contemporary music.

Some of the pieces you hear today incorporate electronic media into the traditional context of instrumental music. The use of electronic sounds expands the expressive possibilities of the instruments. In addition, the integration of multimedia and the exploration of the sonic space enhances the compositional context and the listening experience.


Fine Arts Ticket Office: 951.827.4331 located at the University Theatre north of Lot 6.
Open Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm.
Arts Building Ticket Office: Open one hour before the concert in the ARTS Building.
Ticketmaster: 213.480.3232, 714.740.2000,
INFORMATION: 951.827.3245

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