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UCR Music: Twilight Carillon Recital

RIVERSIDE, CA – The University of California, Riverside, Department of Music presents the annual Twilight Carillon Recital performed by David Christensen, UCR Carillonneur. The UC Riverside Bell Tower houses the carillon comprised of 48 magnificent cast bronze cup-shaped bells, arranged chromatically and precisely tuned so that several bells can be sounded harmoniously together. The bells are sounded by striking a series of wooden levers with the side of the hand or fingers and with the feet.

The program includes compositions by Matthias Van den Gheyn, Robert Giracello, Donald Johns, and King John VI of Portugal. This piece was arranged around 1821 for the automatic playing mechanism of the carillon located at the Mafra Palace near Lisbon, Portugal. A copy of the manuscript was sent to UCR Carillonneur David Christensen from Portugal by UCR PhD studentGary Barnett. From this manuscript, Mr. Christensen has created a version that would be similiar to what would have been found on the automatic playing mechanism, taking into consideration the range and number of bells of the carillon at the Mafra Palace.

Watch a carillon performance on YouTube

Twilight Carillon Recital David Christensen, University Carillonneur
May 28, Saturday, 6:00 pm UC Riverside Bell Tower
Free and open to the public.

INFORMATION: 951.827.3245

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