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Victor Valley Community College

Victor Valley Community College

Located in the High Desert in the City of Victorville California.


Cultivate intellectual growth, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, cultural enrichment, and economic development.

Create exceptional and accessible lifelong learning opportunities that afford students within our expanding communities the attainment of knowledge and skills necessary for success in the global economy.

Embrace difference in our communities by integrating their wealth of multicultural knowledge and wisdom into a cohesive and resourceful learning environment for all.

Inspire innovative teaching and service with imaginative uses of collaboration and technology, fostering vibrant programs that are measurably effective in addressing student learning and community needs.

Empower each student to learn by modeling academic integrity, democratic citizenship, and meaningful contribution to society.


At Victor Valley College, students enjoy a positive and warm learning environment on a modern campus that blends beauty and tranquility in a park-like atmosphere. A beautiful lake at the center of campus serves as a focal point for contemplation and for student activities.In recent years, the Victor Valley College campus has grown and changed, adding important new facilities and transforming several buildings to provide more effective use of space. In the beginning of 2008, we will opening the doors to two buildings; (1) The brand new Advanced Technology Center, and (2) The Speech/Drama Addition (part of the Performing Arts Center). The College prides itself on remaining current in all aspects of technology.

Victor Valley College has earned its reputation for academic leadership, educational excellence and innovation through hard work and dedication to student success. The secret of its success can be found in its award-winning faculty, dedicated and friendly staff, superior curriculum, nationally recognized occupational programs, and outstanding student services and special programs.

Simply put, at Victor Valley College everything is based on one primary foundation: “The Student Is Always First!”

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