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Water Districts Celebrate Water Professionals Appreciation Week Oct. 5-13

CVWD Recognizes Employees for Their Commitment to Service

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca– The Cucamonga Valley Water District Board of Directors proclaimed the week of October 5-13, 2019, as Water Professionals Appreciation Week. Employees from every department were in attendance and recognized for providing water and wastewater services to 200,000 people 365 days a year. From water treatment, movement and delivery to pipeline maintenance and recycled water, along with meter reading, customer service and administration support in the office, CVWD’s team is here to serve the community.

In 2017 the California state legislature created California’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week to be celebrated the second week of October. Since then, water districts statewide have joined the celebration to highlight those who work in the water industry in order to provide reliable water and wastewater services each and every day. Water is our most precious resource, and it would not be accessible if not for the water professionals serving our communities. It is estimated that over 60,000 people work in the water industry in California alone and the industry needs nearly 6,000 new employees each year.

 “Our team is made up of highly qualified and dedicated employees with numerous certifications, degrees and training hours under their belts, ensuring the water and wastewater services we provide are at the highest level possible,” commented CVWD General Manager/CEO John Bosler. “On behalf of the Board of Directors and the district, thank you to our employees for the work you do every day, representing CVWD and positively impacting our community.”

Water industry professionals and public water agencies as a whole play a huge role in any community. For CVWD, our employees make water move, keep water moving and plan for future water demands. CVWD manages 700 miles of water pipeline and over 400 miles of wastewater pipeline throughout the year. CVWD manages two water treatment plants (24-hours per day), 35 reservoirs and 29 groundwater wells. Each of these facilities plays into the district’s larger, long-term planning in order to meet the needs of customers. Learn more about CVWD and their Service Beyond Expectation at or follow us on social media, @CVWDwater.

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