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Water Supply & Conservation Rule Changes Could Benefit Riverside Public Utilities

[ecko_quote source=”Girish Balachandran – RPU General Manager”]“We’re very pleased that the state has listened to the input of water agencies like ours and are moving toward changing how mandatory conservation requirements are calculated,”[/ecko_quote]

Riverside, Calif. – As Governor Jerry Brown signed Executive Order B-37-16 Monday to make water conservation a California way of life, proposed changes to the state’s water supply calculations and conservation mandates could benefit utilities like Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) that have more abundant groundwater supplies.

After years of severe drought, statewide conservation mandates were established in 2015. All large urban water providers were given a percentage amount that they needed to conserve each month by the state.

From the beginning, RPU disagreed with the state about the 28 percent reduction goal that was initially assigned to the utility, as it did not take into account its abundant groundwater supplies versus actual demands. Under the new proposal, the state would allow water agencies to “self-certify” and determine their reduction goals (if any), based on its ability to maintain sufficient supplies to meet customer demands.

“Taking into account our groundwater production rights from the Bunker Hill, Rialto-Colton, and Riverside basins, we feel that we will be able to demonstrate to the state that we have sufficient supplies to continue to meet our customer’s needs over the short term and for future generations,” Balachandran said.

Riverside Public Utilities continues to promote water conservation and wise water use for all of its customers and offers a variety of programs designed to help residential and commercial customers save water and money.

For additional details, drought information, and information on available water-saving rebate programs offered visit or call (951) 826-5485.

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