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1,000 People Attend 2018 National Innovative Communities Conference

Reach Out Conference

Upland, CA – On June 5th and 6th, Reach Out held their 9th Annual National Innovative Communities Conference. The two-day conference provided training, networking, and informative resources to more than 1,000 people from across the region including: community members, city representatives, law enforcement, educators, parents, county leaders, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations.

With over 60 intriguing sessions, attendees were able to not just learn about mental health, parenting techniques, teen drug use, immigration, the built environment, but to hone their own leadership skills to take start making integral changes in the Inland Empire.

Youth from 14-18 years old engaged in their own sessions designed to bring new insights and skills for navigating school and future careers, particularly in healthcare, which is an important workforce shortage sector for the region.

Law enforcement from throughout Southern California held an 8 hour POST certification training on how cities can manage alcohol sales for the greater safety of communities.

A special collaboration this year brought the Inland Empire Healthy Cities Summit to the National Innovative Communities Conference, and gave leaders from Riverside and San Bernardino Counties the chance to convene to improve health outcomes in the region through policy initiatives.

“As the Inland Region continues to grow, the leadership skill sets needed to balance the health and economic demands will become more complex. The NICC is all about embedding the competencies and knowledge needed to build a high quality of life for all Inland residents. From parents, to agencies, to elected officials, everyone has a leadership role to play – and that’s why NICC is focusing on building leadership at all levels.”

Reach Out in collaboration with Partners for Innovative Communities created this unique movement so community members could have the opportunity to meet with different sectors to share and voice their strengths and issues that concern the community over two full days. Attendees were able to take on an active role on topics important to their health and safety, and were able to personally network with leading experts. This conference is one of the many ways Reach Out helps pave the way for the health and quality of life for the region.

About Reach Out:

Reach Out is dedicated to embracing communities to strengthen the human bonds that enable all community members to grow, thrive, and lead. Since 1969, Reach Out has provided equal access to networks of support, health access, quality education, career options and opportunities to develop skills to succeed. For more information visit:

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