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$157 Million to be Awarded to the San Bernardino Community College District

SBCCD - KCET Building

The funds are from the Federal Communications Commission’s spectrum auction to free up bandwidth for mobile and wireless providers.

San Bernardino, CA — The San Bernardino Community College District announced today that it expects to receive $157 million as a result of its voluntary participation in the Federal Communications Commission’s broadcast incentive auction to free up bandwidth for mobile and wireless providers. The proceeds reflect the FCC’s acceptance of a bid placed by the District – which holds KVCR-TV’s broadcast license – to transmit KVCR’s over-the-air TV signal over a very high frequency (VHF) channel instead of its current ultra high frequency (UHF) channel. The District will continue operating KVCR-TV’s free on-air PBS broadcast, and viewers who have cable and satellite carriage will not notice any difference resulting from the technical changes. The FCC’s auction will not impact KVCR’s radio broadcast, and listeners will continue enjoying on-air programming on 91.9 FM. 

“This one-time funding will bolster our ability to provide the world-class programming that Inland Southern California deserves, while helping achieve our critical mission of educating, preparing and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow,” said Joseph Williams, President of the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees, which includes San Bernardino Valley College and Crafton Hills College. 

SBCCD anticipates it will receive auction proceeds in the current calendar year. A portion of the funds will be used to invest in KVCR to purchase and install new equipment and update technological infrastructure to transition to the new broadcast frequency. 

The SBCCD Board of Trustees, elected to make sure the District meets the needs of the community, is developing a strategic financial plan to ensure the remaining auction proceeds are invested and utilized to advance the educational mission of SBCCD and its college campuses.

“Though this funding has created a welcome opportunity for the San Bernardino Community College District and KVCR, federal conversations about future funding for public media like PBS and NPR have created uncertainty,” said Chancellor Bruce Baron. “As the broadcast industry continues to undergo transformative changes, we remain thankful to KVCR’s growing base of loyal supporters, whose generosity enables us to provide award-winning journalism and cultural programming across our region and beyond. We will continue working with our community and establishing new partnerships to strengthen the educational, civic and social fabric of Southern California. Exciting changes are yet to come.”

The District has prepared a list of frequently asked questions to help the public learn more at

About San Bernardino Community College District
We serve 22 cities in the heart of Inland Southern California and create new opportunities for 25,000 students each year through our two fully-accredited campuses: Crafton Hills College and San Bernardino Valley College. We cultivate minds and transform our community through our Economic Development & Corporate Training division and KVCR, the region’s National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting System (PBS) television station. Through our day-to-day educational enterprise, SBCCD generates $621 million in local economic activity each year.
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