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Artificial Intelligence on Manufacturing Profit, Inventory Levels and Cash

Lisa Anderson, LMA Consutling

Lisa Anderson, Manufacturing Expert, Sees Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Manufacturing Profit, Inventory Levels and Cash

Claremont, CA – Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert,  Lisa Anderson, predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) and human learning will impact most aspects of manufacturing resulting in improved profits, inventory levels and cash.

Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., works with manufacturers and distributors on strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation to maximize the customer experience and enable scalable, profitable, dramatic business growth.

“Manufacturing clients have embraced the power of AI since the first of the year. From improved forecast accuracy impacting inventory levels to more openly working with changing customer needs and the overall customer experience, manufacturers are seeing the effects of using this data,” Ms. Anderson commented.

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In an effort to support clients, Ms. Anderson is active with the Board of Directors of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, where she represents the Logistics Council whose initiative is developing a consortium for logistics, supply chain and advanced manufacturing success (IEGO – Emerging Industries Offer Tremendous Promise for Inland Empire Job Growth).

“AI and other forms of technology are transforming manufacturing as we know it. From reevaluating sourcing and enabling robots to predictive maintenance and shortened design times, AI offers up vast potential. Successful manufacturers are strengthening their hold. Supply chain and other manufacturing professionals are sharpening their skills to take advantage of these resources,” she concluded.

Ms. Anderson added, “It takes work, smart management and a strong team to be successful. A perfect storm for manufacturing success. The evidence is in the growth we see in the Inland Empire.”

“Despite the fact that manufacturing, especially in the Inland Empire continues to be strong, manufacturers still need to be smart. By integrating AI with SIOP (Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning) and taking advantage of predictive analytics and other human learning technologies in conjunction with ERP systems, manufacturers can become better at forecasting and exceeding customer expectations. For every one percent improvement in forecast accuracy, there can be a seven percent improvement in inventory levels and cashflow,” Ms. Anderson said.

About Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD

Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation.  She focuses on maximizing the customer experience and enabling profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth. For information, to sign up for her Profit Through PeopleTM Newsletter or for a copy of her book, visit

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