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Manufacturing & Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

Claremont, CA – From aerospace and defense to food and beverage to building products, the perspectives may be different, but the outcome is the same — opportunity abounds.

Inland Empire manufacturing and supply chain Expert Lisa Anderson asked key business owners and executives about their predictions for the state of business in 2019.

“During these volatile, Amazon-impacted, ever-changing ‘new normal’ times, executives are responding in new and creative ways to proactively address business risks such as global trade tensions, and cyber security concerns,” Ms. Anderson said. “They do this by maximizing vast opportunities arising from changing business conditions and embracing technology advancements,”

LMA Consulting Group just released the findings of the executive predictions for 2019.

From a focus on ever-changing customer needs and increased expectations, driven by the Amazon-effect, to tight labor and transportation markets, and responding to rapid growth, the outlooks and attitudes are positive.

“Manufacturing & Supply Chain inthe New Normal” can be downloaded at no charge from the LMA website.  “While we saw innovation, lack of talent, artificial intelligence, big data predictive analytics, and additive manufacturing as game changers in 2018, companies are starting to turn these technologies into customer success stories as well as bottom line improvements. Yet, with the increased volatility, uncertainty and distraction of key talent, organizations must raise the bar and innovate to thrive in 2019.

With innovation being a key driver of success for manufacturers, Ms. Anderson recently participated in the Manufacturing Council of the Inland Empire’s Annual Manufacturing Summit where she presented innovation awards to manufacturers. Winners included: Ingram Micro, Process & Resource Efficiency Award; Phenix Technology, Inc, Human Capital & Talent Award; Brenner-Fiedler, Product Innovation Award and Harvey Mudd College for work with Laguna Clay Company, Innovation by Students Award.

“We predict that the successful manufacturers and distributors will put their employees first to create a customer-centric and resilient end-to-end supply chain. Opportunity abounds” she concluded.

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About LMA Consulting Group – Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD

Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation.  She focuses on maximizing the customer experience and enabling profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth. For information, to sign up for her Profit Through PeopleTM Newsletter or for a copy of her book, visit

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