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Chaffey College InTech Center is Approved for First California State-Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program

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Fontana, CA – Chaffey College InTech Center was approved by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) for an Industrial Electrical and Mechanical Pre-Apprenticeship program that is designed to meet the needs of industry. This approval makes InTech Center’s program the first DAS-registered pre-apprenticeship in the state.

The InTech Pre-Apprenticeship program was developed in response to industry need to create a pipeline of skilled individuals who are prepared to enter state-registered apprenticeships programs at employers like Mitsubishi Cement, California Steel Industries, BestWay Laundry Solutions, and many others.

The DAS consults with employers to develop a skilled workforce with viable career pathways to increase productivity and strengthen our economy. The California Community Colleges are a DAS partner. 

“Students who are successful in the pre-apprenticeship make ideal apprentice candidates – they have shown commitment, strong work ethic and dedication to the trade. By partnering with InTech to align their program with our apprenticeship, we are able to build a pipeline of qualified entry-level workers to fill the manufacturing workforce gap in our region.” 

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