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Eleanor Roosevelt High School Awarded Solar Cup Sponsorship

Solar Cup

Students Learn How to Integrate Physics with Real Life Applications

Jurupa Valley, CA – Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) is proud to announce that the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Physics class from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale has been awarded a place in the Solar Cup Competition (Competition). The winning class is taught by Doloumar Bergen. In a regional effort, JCSD and Western Municipal Water District are co-sponsors, and the Competition is hosted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

In its 16th year, the Competition provides students with an opportunity to learn about natural resource conservation, engineering, problem solving, and an awareness of future water industry careers through a seven-month process. Beginning this fall with planning and a boat-building workshop, students will build a solar-powered boat, about the size of a small canoe, with boat kits provided by MWD. Throughout the year, the students will experiment with various elements of the boat to increase speed, power and efficiency.

During the three-day competition, held from May 17-19 at Lake Skinner in Temecula Valley, teams will be required to complete two technical reports, qualify for sprint and endurance races and provide a public service announcement. With one student as the skipper in the driver’s seat, boats will motor through their races aided only by solar power. Overall scores will be compiled from the races in addition to workshops and reports submitted throughout the year.

“JCSD is proud to help students learn about the real-life applications of science in the water industry. As our population continues to grow and water demand increases, we will need innovative strategies to provide a safe reliable water supply” stated Todd Corbin, JCSD General Manager. “Students are gaining valuable, practical knowledge about water, energy, and how to apply these lessons in the real world.”

For more information about the Competition and other educational programs, please visit or call (951) 727-3521.

About JCSD – Founded in 1956, the Jurupa Community Services District is a public governmental agency which provides services and programs to the cities of Jurupa Valley and Eastvale. It is governed by five elected representatives (Board of Directors) from both cities. Serving over 130,000 people in a 40-square-mile area, JCSD provides a variety of community services and programs including water, sewer, street lights, frontage landscape maintenance, graffiti abatement, and parks and recreation services.

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