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Free College For First-time College Students Through Summer Advantage

Norco College students

Free College for first-time college students through Summer Advantage

Norco, CA – The Norco College Summer Advantage + Promise Program is now open to first-time college students from the surrounding area who plan to attend Norco College in Summer or Fall 2019, and plan to enroll in 12 or more units.

Students who meet requirements and participate in Summer Advantage Norco Orientation Week (NOW), will be eligible for the Promise Program, which provides free education by covering enrollment fees for the first year in college. This is a savings of over $1,100.00.

“We want to remove the financial barrier by making a pledge of support to first-time students of any age, said Daniela McCarson, dean of Special Funded Programs. Through Summer Advantage and the Promise Program, attending college becomes a closer reality versus a possibility.”

The Summer Advantage + Promise initiative is part of a state grant to increase the number of first time college students.

Applications are due by May 30. For additional information visit the website, or email

Attachment: 2018 photo of students participating in Summer Advantage Norco Orientation Week.

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