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GRID’s Training Programs Creates New Solar Industry Professionals

Solar Training - Grid Alternatives

Riverside, CA – Careers in the solar industry continue to rise and vary in range. Solar job field choices include construction managers, civil engineers, construction laborers, equipment operators and even professional services such as sales and marketing. According to statistics, out of over 300,000 Americans that work in these fields an estimated seven percent of these workers are in the photovoltaic (PV) technology industry.  GRID Alternatives is at the forefront of companies that contribute to this job market due to GRID’s job training programs that inspire students to embark in solar careers.

GRID Alternatives has multiple Workforce Development such as Installation Basics Training (IBT) where job trainees earn certificates in a broad spectrum of solar-related technologies. Some of these certifications include Job Site Safety, Array Layout, Racking Installation, Module Installation, Electrical Mounting, Conduit Bending and Installation, Electrical Wiring, and Monitoring and Communication.

Another popular GRID program is Solar Futures where students K-14 and 16-24 years of age are provided an opportunity to learn about the solar industry. The curriculum of hands-on solar education and training enables these students to learn many facets of the solar industry to give them an in-depth perspective. Many students who participate in the program become employed in the industry, which is currently growing at 15-20 percent each year.

Students who participate in Solar Futures express gratitude for hands-on experience they gain through this educational program. “It informed me on the solar installation process and opened me up to new careers,” said student Aaron Gipson from Palm Desert High School. Aaron plans to continue his education in college, studying engineering.

For more information about Solar Futures or any of GRID programs, visit or call 951-465-2864.

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