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Looking to the Future of the San Bernardino International Airport

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San Bernardino, CA – As we move past the era of corruption at the San Bernardino International Airport, we can begin to move forward and look at expanding opportunities at our airport. It is vital to continue to support those businesses that have been successful during this economic downturn.

Businesses that provide aircraft maintenance and repairs such as Southern California Aviation, LLC and Jett Pro Line Maintenance, Inc. have continued to generate revenue and create jobs for our County.

I now serve as one of the Commissioners on the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, which provides oversight for operations at the airport. At our last meeting on February 27th, we approved contract extensions for these maintenance-based businesses. This shows the need to support these economic driven businesses.

The SBIA is also home to other major business operations such as Stater Bros. Markets, Kohl’s, and Amazon. The airport facility is conducive to distribution facilities that employ large numbers of workers. These businesses operating at the airport have kept people employed during this tough economic climate. We must continue to invest in opportunities that sustain the economic vitality of the airport and continue creating jobs for our residents.

Once we build a stable economic environment at the San Bernardino International Airport, we will have the opportunity to look to the future. We will be able to dream of new possibilities of use for our airport, and turn those dreams into reality.

Supervisor James Ramos
San Bernardino County Third District

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