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Manufacturers Council of the Inland Empire Held Event on Energy for Regional Manufacturers

Redlands, CA – November 9, 2023: Members of the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire met virtually to hear about trends in the California energy markets, as well as ways to manage the variability in energy supply and costs. The panel was composed of three industry experts.

Johannes Moenius, Ph. D. Professor of Economics at the University of Redlands speaking on the long-term outlook of the energy markets, energy costs versus risks for manufacturing and the concept of energy security from a manufacturing perspective.

Two alternative energy developers, Anthony Papavero, President of Current Renewables Engineering Inc. and Brent Beckwith of Shorebreak Energy discussed the solar & renewable energy applications available to Commercial & Industrial applications, and how these businesses can capture cost savings with them. He also discussed the industry at large, clarifying jargon and the various parts of the market.

John P. Beall of the MCIE, himself an Energy Industry professional working with financing utility scale renewable energy development, moderated the panel.

Following the presentation was a lively Q&A session and discussion between the panelists and attendees. Topics discussed included remarks from MCIE President, Wallace Brithinee, on the $300,000 Department of Energy grant program MCIE has been assisting member manufacturers in securing. The matching grants are for upgrading factory equipment and can be applied to energy infrastructure improvements. For information on our past events, as well as to learn of future tour and networking opportunities, consult the Events section of the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire website. Contact the MCIE directly for more information on the DOE grant program.

The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire’s membership is comprised of professionals, students, community members, and corporate leadership with interests in manufacturing in Inland Southern California.

The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) supports education and career training on behalf of manufacturers throughout the region, offering programming and expertise in a variety of topics including innovative workforce solutions. Visit or our Linktree at for more information on careers, events, and membership.


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